Advantages of Kebob System Technology for making Kebobs

Production Room

        KST™ kebob machines are of two basic designs. One produces the "square-look" kebob (Starter, COMBI™, E-Z 600™, Modular System™). The other is the HomeStyle™ or "handmade-look" kebob.

        The square-look kebob is produced by filling a stainless basket with layers of meat, or with layers of meat and other ingredients, mainly vegetables. A set of skewers is automatically inserted into the basket of ingredients, maintaining equal distance between skewers. Using a set of knives, the block of skewered ingredients is vertically cut  from top to bottom. The basket turns 90°. Again the block of ingredients is cut from top to bottom. The end result is a block of skewered and cut square kebobs of a length predetermined by the skewer length and the top and bottom plastic plate thickness. Upon separation, the kebobs are ready for packaging or further processing.

        The handmade-look kebobs, on the other hand, have the ingredients pre-cut. The ingredients are inserted into a pocket on the mold conveyor. A group of pockets then pass through the skewering head, producing a group of ready-to-package HomeStyle™ kebobs. Its a simple, fast operation, combined in a patented, space-saving design.

        The square-look kebob gives a producer the greatest control of portions. As well the kebobs being the same size, they cook evenly in a set time period. The hand-made look offers the back yard grill cook the option of HomeStyle kebobs facilitated by pick-it-up-on-the-way-home convenience.