Advantages of Kebob System Technology for making Kebobs

Automatic Machines for HOMESTYLE™ Kebobs

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The HomeStyle™ Kebob Machine is the ideal solution for the handmade kebob-look. Imagine value-added kebobs made from mini sausages, fish, fruits, or vegetables, in addition to standard meat/ vegetable kebobs.

Automatic Kebob Making Machine Dimentions and Techbnical Specifications

Homestyle Kebob Making Machine, Kebob Systems Technology


Automatic Machines for
Homestyle Kebob Making Equipment


3,000 Kebobs/Hour
Homemade Style

Homestyle Kebobs, Kebob Systems technology, Kebob machines

Yakatori, Tapas, or Classical Kebobs.
Custom molds available upon demand,
subject to your specifications

Kebob Making Machine System, Kebob Systems Technology

Homestyle Kebob Machine, Kebob System Technology Homestyle Kebob System, Automated Kebob Making Machine dimentions