Advantages of Kebob System Technology for making Kebobs
Advantages of Kebob Systems : Least expensive, highest production

Kebob Systems

Homestyle Kebob System

3,000 Kebobs/Hour

The HomeStyle™ Kebob Machine is the ideal solution for the handmade kebob look. Or think outside the box; imagine value-added kebobs made from mini sausages, fish, fruits or vegetables.

Starter Kebob System
294-972 Kebobs/Hour

The Starter™ is a perfect fit for lab or early roll-out production because it lowers labor costs and produces accurate weights while still allowing quick change over to various size and length kebobs (may require additional parts purchases).
Combi Kebob System
Up to 1,920 Kebobs/Hour
The COMBI™ is an ideal entry-level kebob machinefor production. The square-shaped kebob is the result of patented technology which means very low ends-n-pieces weight, a full range of ingredient options — plus even, regular cooking for your customers.

EZ 600 Kebob System
Up to 6,000 Kebobs/Hour
Double the capacity of the COMBI, the EZ 600™ produces up to 6000 kebobs per hour of square-shaped kebobs, meaning low ends-and-pieces loss, a full range of ingredient options — plus even, regular cooking for your customer.

Modular Line Kebob production line
Up to 12,000 Kebobs/Hour

High production requirements? The Modular Line™ is your solution. At up to 12,000 kebobs per hour production, this line maximizes portion control while it minimizes labor costs, resulting in a tasty combination...on a plate and on the bottom line.
Skewer Loader
3 Magazines/Minute

The CPA Skewer Loader™ (optional purchase) works well with higher production kebob equipment, such as the EZ-600 and the Modular Line, because it replaces labor costs.